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Monday, April 24, 2006

My Brother, My Slave

The situation confronting Canadians as it regards our responsibilities towards the indigenous people has festered far too long without resolution. Oka, Ipperwash, and now, Caledonia. These confrontations between the first nations people and the people of Canada have their roots going back through history to the first settlers reaching these shores. If we are to honour our country's history we have to look at the manner in which we have governed our relations with the native people who lived on this rock before us.

The issue is complicated, especially knowing how diverse and distinct the numerous native cultures were and still are to this day. Not every "Indian" is alike another, as is so easily and readily resolved for the racist idiots among us to comprehend. The various cultures, Haida, Ojibway, Mohawk to name but a few are all separate and distinct from one another just as the Poles are distinct from the Danes. Lumping all indigenous peoples into the "redskin" category perpetuates an ignorance far exceeding the sophistication and understanding our modern culture now has. It's time Canada redressed the wrongs. It's time for the Conservative government to recognize and respect first nations people as autonomous and free them from the slavery of our forefather's ignorance.

We are capable of great committments to humanitarian justice, as is well demonstrated with our current mission in Afghanistan. If we cannot regard the horrendous conditions we have created amongst our first nations people with the same compassion, what have we learned?

Confronting the Caledonia reality, as it is seen from the eyes of our hosts, as Hillary Lindsay, managing editor of the Dominion reports in the above link, without continuing the square peg into round hole dogma of Canada's policy towards "Indian Affairs," would go a long way to establishing a renewed international credibility with the traditionally socialist humanitarian community. Resolving the national issue won't be an easy one.

With the strong leadership our new government seems ready to assume, hopefully, Jim Prentice, the new Minister of Indian Affairs, will have some fresh ideas to put forward. Continuing the status quo can only lead to ruin. However the nuts fall from the tree, it's time for a shaking.

Solidarity with Six Nations

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Caledonia Reclamation

There's an opportunity for us to learn more about our native brothers and sisters. Taking place near the historic city of Brantford, on Six Nation land, the people there have been demonstrating their right to sovereignty of their land. What a lot of people may not know, the Haudenosaunee (people of the Long House), are autonomous to the rule of both Canada and the United States.

Haudenosaunee is the general term we use to refer to ourselves, instead of "Iroquois." The word "Iroquois" is not a Haudenosaunee word. It is derived from a French version of a Huron Indian named that was applied to our ancestors and it was considered derogatory, meaning "Black Snakes." Haudenosaunee means "People building an extended house" or more commonly referred to as "People of the Long House."

The bloggingtories professing knowledge and experience on how best to rule this vast country should take an interest in this issue. Information I got from a Six Nations' website imparted a greater knowledge of their governance.

We exist as distinct peoples in the 20th century. The Haudenosaunee are unique in that we maintain one of the very few traditional governments in North America, free from the oppression of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and free from the lunacy of tribal elections. Our leaders are selected according to the oldest constitutional democratic systems.

We live a contemporary lifestyle and are not frozen in the past. While we still maintain practices that are rooted in the past, we apply those practices to define our place in the modern world. Our traditional culture is forward thinking, to assure our long-term survival. Our culture allows us to deal with the realities of the modern world, not by embracing any new fad, but continuing to absorb new traditions on our own terms.

We, like other peoples, continue to maintain our culture. Culture is not just the relics of the past, but patterns of thought and cycles of behavior that form the basic building blocks of our lives.

We, like other peoples, have our own world view. To say we are Haudenosaunee means that we have deep seated beliefs in our traditions and are committed to their survival. We are connected to a living earth and a spiritual universe. We have sacred duties to fulfill.

We continue to live on portions of our original territories. Our lands were never conquered by outsiders. We never consented to American or Canadian authority over our territories. Our lands were never placed in trust with the United States, as are most other Indian reservations. Our current territories were defined by four federal treaties. [emphasis mine]

We maintain our distinct laws and customs. Within our territories, where the Council of Chiefs are the sole governing authority, our own laws are in place, not the laws of the United States or Canada. We operate the Grand Council of Chiefs of the Six Nations under the Great Law of Peace which promotes peace, power and righteousness.

We have made many contributions to world culture. The Haudenosaunee have been instrumental in colonial history. After two hundred years of contact, the emerging American settlers adopted many Iroquoian ideas and practices in order to survive in our land.

We have a unique relationship to the United States and other nations. The federal treaties we have are very distinctive and provide the Haudenosaunee with a special status in Indian law. We maintain a government to government relations. We are not wards of the United States. We are independent nations, sovereign and free in our own territories.

The portrayal of Indians in the media perpetuates stereotypes that effect our relationships to non-Indians. Most people are seriously uniformed about the Haudenosaunee because of distorted textbooks, misguided movies and biased history books. Seldom have people been able to hear directly from the recognized traditional people of the Haudenosaunee to counteract the negative racial and cultural stereotypes perpetuated by American popular culture.

We are committed to maintaining our survival as distinct peoples. We believe that the lessons from Creation; the guidance of the Original Instructions; the unity of the Great Law of Peace, and the moral imperatives of the Gaiwiio provide the roadmap to our future.

Apparently, the OPP supervising the protestors, arrested some sixteen people, Thursday, 20Apr04 at 4:30am. The demonstration held at Douglas Creek Estates, has been going on since February in one form or another. A developer, Henco Industries, wants to build on an unused section of disputed land. Negotiations between the Iroquois Confederacy, Indian Affairs, and provincial authorities were being held in good faith leading to an equitable resolution between all parties.

Another great source of information comes from CKRZ radio. They have an online live streaming feed from their station at the Grand River reservation. They have pre-empted their normal programming to report on the ongoing Caledonia situation. Many listeners are phoning in their perspectives. Listen & Learn.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Environmentalists Love Us

Elizabeth May, Executive Director of Sierra Club of Canada, used to be a senior policy advisor to Tom McMillan, Environment Minister in Brian Mulroney’s government. She gave an impassioned address showing great emotion at Corporate Knights’ gala awarding Brian Mulroney the “Greenest Prime Minister” accolade.

Elizabeth May’s Speech (mp3)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Province of Toronto's Philanthropic Socialism

Mrs Layton seems to have received her financial information from the Caledon Institute of Social Policy. They wrote a paper in February, published in the Globe and Mail 15Feb06, which categorically refutes the Conservative Government's Choice for Childcare initiative. Unfortunately, the black and white numbers substantially obfuscate the truth. Of course, the Institute is not known for its financial validation. It's essentially a think tank for socialist intellectuals. Whoever put together their numbers is either obscuring the complexity of revenue taxation or they are trying to deceive the patrons of their wares. Hopefully, and thankfully, their audience are only more of their own breed. Nonetheless, should anyone of a right mind wander over to their website or come into contact with a beret wearing Gitane smoking hippy type who gives a nod to their papers, you should be armed with the facts.

In their paper, Finding Common Ground on Child Care, Feb06, they begin their commentary by stating that the Conservative proposal on Choice for Childcare is "deeply flawed" and "misleading". I'll forgive them that, we're all allowed to make partisan statements based on our ideology, but; they try to substantiate their premise with numbers. That's definitely a mistake. Numbers, you see, are the symbols which reflect the exactitude of human contemplation. All other things pale in comparison when it comes to stating the truth. I'll listen to your drivel, but when you give me numbers, stop the train, communication of numberical facts is a devine realm. Aowohmmm.

Where the nonsense gets skewed into biased partisan philosophy is when the Institute, known for weaving bullshit into social policy, can't seem to define their financial terms. Whoa up there Nelly.

They start their example on a family (I suppose a same-sex couple here is indisputable) "earning" $36,000. For income tax purposes, as is the basis for their argument, we will have to know the "net income" before the numbers they present begin to make any sense. Normally, from the point of view of a beneficiary of government funded programs, earned income is the result of a formulaic calculation. There are a number of complicated mechanisms leading from gross income to an earned income resultan. Suffice it to say, for every conceivable manner that Canadians are capable of earning income (this is not the technical term we are addressing, but real hard won dollars before the revenuers apply their sliderules) there is a complicated formula reducing it depending on how you communicate that income to the government. Short form: depends on the slot you plug it into. So, right off the start, their ability to communicate a point just stopped. Huh? Wha?

That would certainly preclude any further analysis, thank God, since refuting these imaginary suppositions the NDP has adopted are as speculative as their own. The problem in presenting numbers along a range of potentals, as they try in their report, especially when it regards taxes, is: what appears as a small incremental change, may have multitudinous and dramatic affects should it peak over an arbitrary limit the government has set in stone. The Caledon Institute must know this too. Each individual's case, tax wise, is a unique situation. That's why the Conservative's plan is so great. It's simple, doesn't take an inordinate amount of administrative staffing, and it fits everyone's needs depending on their situation.

As a last kick, their choice of $36k in their "earned income" is suspicious since the 2005 year's lowest tax bracket is $35,595. Of course, this is taxable income, or net income, or line 236 on your T1 form. Believe me, I understand how confusing taxes can be. To capitalize on what the socialist's recognize as a wide spread deficiency is just despicable, as usual, when you are prevented from clubbing your victims into voting for you.

The Caledon Institute of Social Policy Website

Further Reading on the Institute's Patron:

Alan Broadbent, CEO, Chair

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Chow Lies to Save Face

Olivia Chow, has learned to exploit and manipulate the lapdog media. In a recent press conference, complete with clever visual aids, she tried to make her point that having your lies broadcast on the national media makes them true. It may be convenient and elevating to her personally, her Communist party agenda may be accelerated; but, Olivia, you're lying.

Without the convenient charts and references in her hand-outs I'm unsure as to the details, but she mentioned her "question" on Child Care to Ms Finlay, the Minister responsible for Social Development and Human Resources. She didn't mention she was embarrassed and laughed down. She did mention that Ms Finlay responded to her thoughtful and insightful submission as if it made sense to her. Ms Chow's recall on Ms Finlay's response was something like, "she said that she'd look at it".

Well, if you have access to the Common's record (Hansard) that records her exact words for all to see and if you watched the tape where she got up to ask her question, Ms Chow's recollection of that response wasn't quite accurate. In actual fact Ms Finlay's response was:

Mr. Speaker, for starters, I would like to assure the hon. member that we have not reached the 75% tax rate in this country. Our intention with the $1,200 a year child care allowance is to have a universal benefit. It will, as the Prime Minister said repeatedly during the election campaign, be taxed in the hands of the lowest earning parent. Therefore if there is a stay at home parent who earns zero dollars there is no tax on that.
I don't see what Ms Chow recalled. I see her being mocked for her laughable miscalculations. She was disposed of by a member of the Cabinet, in the House of Commons. Taking your argument to the press, as her hubby Layton is wont to do, won't change the government's mind.

If you have the numbers and authorities assisting your perspective, present it in the Commons. We don't rule by opinion poll or media sway. And, when you get laughed down again, you can always lie to the press that you are doing a great job. Just don't make it compulsive behaviour. Someone, like the Canadian citizens, might be watching.

Check out an earlier post on Ms Chow's question

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The NDP vs the Rest of Us

The NDP fanatics are at it again. Spreading lies, innuendos, and degrading debate with scare tactics. They stand for passivism and appeasment. Won't have any violence to save their lives. Thank God there's only a few of them to round up. Here's a quote from the Defence Critic Dawn Black taken from the debate on military committment in Afghanistan that they clamoured for. Looks like a workable solution to answering their whining is to remind them that their legacy party, Tommy Douglas' CCF party, would have prevented us from joining the fight in World War II. Is that a Mosquito I hear. Made in Canada, Hun.

Ms. Dawn Black (New Westminster—Coquitlam, NDP): Mr. Speaker, in the take note debate held in the House in November [2005], members of Parliament and Canadians were assured that this was a NATO-led mission and that it would be a multinational mission. We know that at this time it is not. We are operating under Operation Enduring Freedom. [emphasis mine]

That is not accurate. In reading over the take note debate in November 2005 it was abundantly clear to me, and I'm not paid to know anything, and I'm certainly not a defence critic for a "national political party" like the NDP purports to be. The state the mission was in, at the time of the debate, just so happened to be under a coalition. The fact that the 'Merican's were the lead is due to their number strength, committment, preparedness, and hoorah aggression.

As Al Jazeera states, we were there at the outset supporting the Northern Alliance to overthrow the Taliban government along with the States, Brits, and the Aussies. Whether the boogey monster called "Enduring 'Freedom" changed the depth and breadth of the multinational UN sanctioned security force or not, we're in control of our own section of the mission within the rotational international force command structure (see ISAF).

There are 36 countries directly involved in the mission to free Afghanistan, at whatever level of capability they can muster. I would have thought Ms Black would have known that since she is the defence critic and must (I'm stretching here) be able to read. If she had taken a look at the public records she would have had all the information I have. I would think that would be part of doing her job. Apparently, facts might change her agenda to undermine Canada's role, so that's a nyet, nyet.

Scaring us all to believing we are under control by the pariah 'Mericans is just ignorant or down right malicious. Any connection the NDP can draw between us and the big bad Americans seems to be a red flag for her and her international cabal of communists. Ooops. I mean her international communard, ooops, harumph, her international community of socialists. Even saying it nice still doesn't quite wipe the stench off these liars.

Of course we support the women and men in our armed forces and we believe the best way to demonstrate that support is to ask the serious questions that need to be asked about this mission.

Why have the Dutch delayed their deployment to Kandahar? Why are we not operating now, as we were told we would be, under a NATO-led multinational mission in Afghanistan, in Kandahar province?

Gee, I don't know. Maybe the Dutch people are getting scittery about the Islamic tactic of intimidation, and subsequent dhimmitude of the population; or maybe they have a communist party in their minority government hindering their NATO committment.

Maybe if the NDP were taken seriously in this country you could strangle our resolve too. With the ISAF gradually taking more control over operations, leading up to full command authority we don't need frightened rabbits destabilizing the very serious and deadly situation our comrades are confronting. Your cut and run tactics will turn us all into charcoal. Any hint of the kind of riotous Islamic violence, ala Danish cartoons, being foisted upon our staid citizenry and we're supposed to hide? What do you think that Tim Horton's bombing was?. Oh, yeah, keep that suppressed, don't want anyone to hear reality. Yes, Ms Black, this is part of our enduring freedom, should you look up from your granola you might see your ass getting saved.

Email Ms Black

10Apr06 Hansard Debate on Afghanistan

Canada's Ass - Deep in Socialist Dogma

I did some checking to see what the status quo is for government-assistance as it regards society's children. It's a dark, deep, and dank matted tangle of program acronyms and eligiblility criteria, to be sure. Not only does the top level of government provide assistance to the hapless family feeling their needs unmet through conventional means, but the two levels below, provincial and municipal, are also heavily devolved into providing services to the increasingly socialist defined society.

Service providers existing outside of the auspices of our Big Daddy government are scarce as hen's teeth. To continue this nonsense, as we will be bound to do, is an absolute abrogation of duty. Nonetheless, it's the Canadian brand of capitalism/socialism that must be preserved at all costs. We don't want to fight the NDP in the trenches now do we? Hasn't every government since Trudeau had the socialist driven agenda forced down its throat? "For the good of the people," they say.

Our other model of society seems to be the US. Their brand is so class distinct they need moats, gated communities, and continued slavery (immigrants). Further examples of government services must be inspected more rigourously in future. As it is, without further ado, here are a number of services provided by our Big Daddy government. The problem we face is the interwoven service levels become a complicated network of bureaucratic nonsense. Hence, our system will eventually become unmanageable, if it isn't already.

Just like you have to be an accountant to adapt to the government's CASE program for farmers, you have to have a government funded advocate to help the client with the bureaucratic red tape for any program that you feel you may be deserving of. Anyone not taking these programs into consideration should invest the time to determine whether they are relevant to their present situation. God forbid they have a child without availing themselves of the programs out there.


Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) is a tax-free monthly payment made to eligible families to help them with the cost of raising children under age 18. [Application administered through Canadian Revenue Agency.]

Included in the CCTB is the National Child Benefit Supplement (NCBS), a monthly benefit for low-income families with children. The NCBS is the Government of Canada's contribution to the National Child Benefit (NCB), a joint initiative of federal, provincial, territorial, [and aboriginal] governments.

Basic benefit:

  • $102.33 per month for each child under the age of 18;
  • an additional $7.16 per month for your third and each additional child; and
  • an additional $20.25 per month for each child under the age of seven. This amount is reduced by 25% of any amount you or your spouse or common-law partner claimed for child care expenses for 2004.

Okay, so there's another level of government now, aboriginal, that makes four. That's a special situation not widely accessible, but still, another example of the welfare state we have come to love. Suffice it to say, the programs available are many and wide. What I find disturbing is this report found buried in the voluminous documents residing on the Ottawa City website. It says:

The Community Funding Division provides $25,000 in sustaining funding and $10,000 from the National Child Benefit (NCB) for the coordination of the Community Garden Network. This funding is part of the total City funding allocation to the Sandy Hill Community Health and Resource Centre.
So, the "Community Garden Network", a bunch of leftist pukes sitting around in their Birkenstocks, supping their lattes figured out another way to suck the government out of its money to have dirt plots made available to the indigent communities they leech off. These "community" gardens are never used but the adminstrators drive around in their Volvos turning the compost regularly. How this group cleverly diverts funds from the NCB into their "green" program is a function of just how asleep the community is in regards to available government funding. These socialist elites are highly educated, and extremely predatory when it comes to government programs they can exploit. Wide open abuse of the system's programs, at least in our socialistic Ottawa, is rampant.


The Ontario Child Care Supplement (OCCS) for Working Families is a tax-free monthly payment to help with the costs of raising children under the age of seven. The program benefits low-to-middle income single or two-parent families, families with one stay-at-home parent, or families with one or both parents studying or in training.

The program started in 1998 and is administered by the Ontario Ministry of Finance’s Income Tax Related Programs Branch. The supplement is tax-free. It does not affect the federal Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) payments or the amount of the child care subsidy provided by a municipality.

For each child under age seven, qualifying two-parent families can receive a monthly payment of up to $91.67 ($1,100 annually) and qualifying single-parent families can receive a monthly payment of up to $109.17 ($1,310 annually).


Below the Ontario government's response to its social elite's requirements to be aided in their inability to provide adequate funding for their lifestyle, at least for my home town, is Ottawa's assistance program.
Limited financial assistance, called a child care subsidy, is available to families living in Ottawa where the parents are working, looking for work, or going to school and also meet certain financial requirements. Child care subsidies are available in licensed child care programs for children aged 0 to 9 years (10 to 13 years in special circumstances). The majority of parents who qualify for a child care subsidy are either working or studying and have an average annual family income under $25,000.

These subsidies are to be used for privately funded day care expenses. Here's where the newest drive for state owned programs comes into play. These privately owned and operated day care centres are capable of surviving the economic factors of a fair market system, otherwise they wouldn't be there trying to meet their needs while serving their clients. The Ontario's Ministry of Children's and Youth Services licenses and annually inspect child care centres under the Day Nurseries Act. The bleeting, moaning socialists see an opportunity to divest another sector of private enterprise of its service.

And now that the Conservative government won't play along, well, you can see the muskets getting loaded in the NDP's war rooms. They won't rest until Canada is owned and adminstered by their kind. The struggle to maintain adequate facilities for the growing number of people finding it impossible to get by in a society that greedily requires everyone pay for services only a few will use has been strenuous. The Liberal government's last minute attempts to implement their promised conversion to the socialist's way was just another way for them to steal votes from the NDP. Their tactics gave ammunition to the socialists, who just won't let go their new pound of flesh their policies continue to demand. We're in for a fight.

Don't let go of capitalist ideals. The NDP can never be appeased.